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        PitchBook for private market intel

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        Private Market Intelligence

        The private markets continue to increase in value—and opportunity. To compete in a market that changes fast, you need insight into the flow of capital across the entire venture capital, private equity and M&A landscape. PitchBook gives you clarity and helps you understand exactly how to capitalize on the private markets.


        Follow all venture capital, private equity and M&A activity to understand where capital is flowing and how the private markets are shifting.

        Analyze investment and exit activity in a specific space, as well as valuation trends, multiples and more.

        Compare one industry to all private market activity, or see how the public and private markets stack up.

        Analyze macro and micro trends


        Track all financing and exit activity to see which industries are growing and where you can capitalize.

        See where venture capital and private equity firms are finding success with insight into their portfolios and returns.

        Find companies that make strategic sense to invest in, partner with or acquire using financial metrics (like valuations, revenue and multiples) as well as non-financial metrics (like employee count, web traffic and social followers).

        Keep tabs on all your peers and competitors, and dive into their previous investments and acquisitions to better understand their strategies.

        Inform your strategy and discover growth opportunities