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        PitchBook for business development

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        Business Development

        Instead of competing for clients in the same crowded fields, why not look somewhere new?
        The private markets are full of valuable opportunities for business development— and we have information to help you capitalize on them. Find growing companies, discerning investors and new industries for sourcing targets—all while growing your business faster than you ever could with a basic list of leads.


        Identify new industries, territories and accounts to pursue based on where venture capital and private equity firms are investing.

        Venture capital and private equity firms are experts at finding opportunities and evaluating companies. Their intense vetting processes not only ensure their investments are financially healthy, but that they also have growth potential, competitive advantages and strong leadership., Learn more about informing your strategy with superior private market intel

        Inform your strategy


        See when companies get funding—that‘s when they‘re growing, have capital to spend and need your products or services as they expand.

        Get in early with promising startups and work with them at every stage of their growth.

        Follow transactions like mergers, acquisitions and infusions of debt to anticipate when companies will undergo big changes (like management restructuring, relocation or expansion).

        Find companies up for bid, in IPO registration or reaching the end of their runway (when they're ready for funding or acquisition).

        Reach out to companies at the right time


        Build relationships with venture capital and private equity firms, so they come to you every time their portfolio companies need your products or services.

        Follow venture capital and private equity firms to see when they're fundraising, investing and exiting—and need advisors to help facilitate these transactions.

        See when financial sponsors need you


        Connect with other advisors who work on the same kinds of deals as you to learn about opportunities before your peers.

        Enhance your network with access to 1.5 million professionals—plus see the deals they've done, companies they've worked for and more.

        Network to indirectly source deals